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Neck Massage

The Meridian Scanning System

The Meridian Scanning System of Perfect Health Centre is developed according to the original theory of "Liangdao Meridian" proposed by Yoshio Nakatani in Japan.
In less than 15 minutes of testing, you can clearly see your meridian pattern through the graphics and understand your meridian constitution. Thus, you can improve your body correctly and accurately.

  • Meridian Energy Analyze ... £70

  • Consultation ... £30

  • Dr. Henry Meridian Rehabilitation Treatments ... £240 
    (Include Meridian Analyze, Tui Na, Cupping or Acupuncture, Detoxification, Herbs etc.)

在短短不到十五分鐘的檢測, 可以清楚地透過圖形看到自己的經絡型態, 了解自己的經絡體質. 從而正確的、精準的改善身體

  • 經絡測檢分析

  • 問診                

  • 王醫生經絡測檢綜合治療 

      (包括問診, 經絡測檢分析, 推拿, 拔罐/針灸/光療針灸/排毒/中藥等) 

Bone Setting

Bone setting is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is considered to be the basis for the development of modern chiropractic and osteopathy. It is a holistic treatment using safe bone adjustment techniques to re-balance of the skeleton, muscles and joints, which might cause discomfort or pain in our body. 

Special Price: £49/ 1st trial treatment


驚爆体验價: £49/ 首次

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