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Hello, I am Henry

Henry is from Hong Kong. He is in the UK and internationally certified 1) Full Membership of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, FTCMP-Member 2) Chinese Senior Holistic Massage Therapist 3) Thai Holistic Massage Level 3 Therapist His healing styles range from stress reduction relaxation combination: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage, Reflexology and Frequency Treatment (Singing Bowl). His Therapeutic Massage such as professional TuiNa, pregnancy massage, sports massage to Thai. Henry has practiced with premium private clubs, spas and Chinese Medical Centre in Hong Kong and England. With more than 15 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, Henry has followed several experts at Chinese Medical Centre to enhance his quality of healing and rehabilitation treatment Henry is able to develop his own unique mixed style of Holistic Treatment that assembles all the specialties from different styles of techniques to bespoke what patient need. Henry is especially good at stress relief, slimming, lymph edema, menopause uncomfortable relief and Meridian Drainage (Yin Yang Balance).

Our Centre


Nearest public transport:
The centre is located a 4-minute walk from Russell Square tube station and a 14-minute walk from Euston train station.


The team:
This professional, driven and dedicated team hold over 20 years of experience.


What we like about the venue:

  • Atmosphere: Professional, relaxing.

  • Specialises in: Massage.

  • The extra touches: Complimentary refreshments are available.

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